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Located 3 minutes from Marinha Grande (one of the largest clusters of mold industry in Europe), put on the forefront of their products through pro-activity and excellence in human resources involves.


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Client support

We have a team of experienced and specialized technicians, to help you in the development and industrialization of your product.


The combination of a specialized team with the appropriate technological equipment make us able to answer effectively to the challenges that are posed.


Supported by an integrated and adapted software, we plan and check the evolution of the manufacturing process in constant communication with our customers providing flexibility and encouraging sustainable partnerships.


With an area of ​​about 2000 m2 and a constantly changing machine park, Procadimoldes seeks to develop the best mold in order to achieve results and customer requirements.

Business Areas

Following the demands of the current market, Procadimoldes is distinguished by the diversity of supply that provides. Our experience allows us to produce molds for the automotive, electrical and electronic sectors, utilitarian objects.